Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science

Why do people make the decisions that they do?

Behavioral science is an interdisciplinary study of human behavior, encompassing such disciplines as anthropology, psychology, and sociology.  

Careers in Behavioral Science

  • Start your career in customer service, work for a youth organization, or become a research assistant./p>
  • Work for a business in human relations or become a consumer behavioral analyst.
  • Work for the government in law enforcement or as an urban planner.
  • Become a research specialist or teacher.

Transfer Opportunities and Pathways

A Behavioral Science major can be found at many bachelor’s granting institutions. Some universities and colleges may even have similar, but more specified majors to explore, that could align better with your interests. Examples include Human Development, Social Work, Social Ecology, Cognitive Science, Community Studies, Human and Family Services, and many more.  

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