Do you want to be a part of a creative profession that addresses our multitude of human needs and desires? From clean and water to iPhones®, engineering is at the core of maintaining and improving the well-being of human societies.

A career in Engineering is interesting, challenging, and intellectually and financially rewarding.

Careers in Engineering

There are many specialties in engineering, and each requires a specific type of training and expertise.

  • Start your career as an entry-level project, mechanical, or electrical engineer.
  • Work as a civil engineer for an oil or utility company.
  • Specialize as a mechanical engineer and work in automotive, aerospace, or electronics.
  • Work for the Department of Energy or the Department of Defense as an environmental engineer.

Transfer Opportunities and Pathways

An Engineering major can be found at many bachelor’s granting institutions. Some universities and colleges may even have similar, but more specified majors to explore, that could align better with your interests. Examples include Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Material/Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and many more.

  • Search a list of Engineering related majors at the UCs and CSUs
  • Compare average admit GPAs across similar majors at the UCs
  • Learn what major prep courses you need to take in order to transfer to the UCs or CSUs
  • Explore similar majors at private and out-of-state institutions