Do you want to help people? Are you curious about the human mind and behavior? Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, brain, and behavior.

You’ll learn facts, theories, and contemporary trends in psychology and human development. Through studies in psychology, you’ll learn how to better understand yourself and how to help others.

Careers in Mental Health, Government, and Education

  • Start your career as a psychiatric technician, residential counselor, youth organization leader, or research assistant.
  • Work with people as an art therapist, recreational therapist, or drug and alcohol counselor.
  • Continue your studies to become a psychiatrist or child psychologist.
  • Work for the government as a psychiatric social worker or a probation/parole officer.

Transfer Opportunities and Pathways

A Psychology major can be found at many bachelor’s granting institutions. Some universities and colleges may even have similar, but more specified majors to explore, that could align better with your interests. Examples include Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Social Work, Human Development, Psychobiology, and many more.

  • Search a list of Psychology related majors at the UCs’ and CSUs
  • Compare average admit GPAs across similar majors at the UCs
  • Learn what major prep courses you need to take in order to transfer to the UCs or CSUs
  • Explore similar majors at private and out-of-state institutions
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