Do you try to understand why society functions the way that it does? From race and ethnicity to religion and family structure, sociology explores patterns in human behavior and tries to make sense out of the many forces in society that shape individual lives.

Courses in sociology provide tools and intellectual frameworks to better understand the society we live in.

Careers in Government, Education, and Business

  • Become a police officer or work as a community organizer.
  • Work for a business as a marketing research analyst or management trainer.
  • Continue your studies and become a teacher, social worker, therapist, or lawyer.
  • Work for the government as a legislative aide, public administrator, statistician, or urban planner.

Transfer Opportunities and Pathways

A Sociology major can be found at many bachelor’s granting institutions. Some universities and colleges may even have similar, but more specified majors to explore, that could align better with your interests. Examples include Human Development, Public Policy, Social Work, Chicana/o Studies, Black Studies, Organizational Studies, Global Studies, Urban Studies, Family and Consumer Studies, and many more.

  • Search a list of Sociology related majors at the UCs’ and CSUs
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  • Learn what major prep courses you need to take in order to transfer to the UCs or CSUs
  • Explore similar majors at private and out-of-state institutions
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