Multimedia Studies

Multimedia Studies

Are you a creative person? Do you want to learn skills that lead to growing career opportunities? Digital media careers include graphic design, web design, and entertainment— think game design and game development, video production, and more.

This program is designed for emerging digital artists and provides a link between content, technology, and creative vision. Through project-based learning, get prepared to be resourceful and independent and to succeed in the wide range of multimedia careers.

Careers in Digital Media

  • Start your career as an entry-level graphic designer, web designer, video game tester, or video production assistant.
  • Work as a games designer or software developer.
  • Work for a company or as a web designer or freelance.
  • Work in marketing or advertising as a graphic designer or become a creative director or art director.

Transfer Opportunities and Pathways

A Multimedia Studies major can be found at many bachelor’s granting institutions. Some universities and colleges may even have similar, but more specified majors to explore, that could align better with your interests. Examples include Game Design, Video Production, Animation, Web Development, Visual Communication, Media Studies, and many more.

  • Search a list of Multimedia Studies related majors at the UCs and CSUs
  • Compare average admit GPAs across similar majors at the UCs
  • Learn what major prep courses you need to take in order to transfer to the UCs or CSUs
  • Explore similar majors at private and out-of-state institutions

Download Graphic Design – Multimedia Studies Pathway Sheet (PDF)
Download Game Design Pathway Sheet (PDF)
Download Web Design and Development Pathway Sheet (PDF)

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